10.24.14 — Time Out

Friday, October 24, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer / Edited by Will Shortz

What’s to say?

Of interest — ADAM BEDE (3D. Title carpenter of an 1859 novel), AZALEA (44D. Rhododendron relative), GANJA (51D. Pot), GIN JOINTS (61A. Saloons), IT’S A BLAST (63A. “Boy, am I having fun!”), LET IT GO (50A. Stop obsessing), MEETERS (8D. People with signs at airports, e.g.), ORAL EXAMS (1A. Times for speaking one’s mind?), ORG CHART (1D. Diagram showing company positions, briefly), PAMPLONA (37D. Site of an annual encierro), PEONY (60A. Flowering plant named for a Greek god), RED CARPET (15A. Spot for shooting stars), SPIDEY sense, TROUPES (36A. Groups with play dates?), T S ELIOT (34A. “Ash Wednesday” poet), TURN LOOSE (58A. Free), WONTON (45D. Chinese appetizer), X-RATED (21A. Beyond blue), ZIP UP (16A. Finish putting on pants, say).


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