10.12.14 — Inner Workings

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Inner Workings," Puzzle by Pawel Fludzinski
Edited by Will Shortz

Seven word(s)-within-word(s) phrases constitute the interrelated group of this very pleasant Sunday crossword.

COAL CANARY MINE (23A. Leading indicator?), e.g., canary in a coal mine
ROUND SQUARE PEG HOLE (31A. Misfit), square peg in a round hole
CANDY KID STORE (49A. One who’s enthralled, metaphorically), kid in a candy store
MILLION NOT YEARS (66A. Never), not in a million years
TEA TEMPEST POT (84A. Much ado about nothing), tempest in a teapot 
HAND GO TO HELL BASKET (97A. Deteriorate rapidly), go to hell in a hand basket
HAY NEEDLE STACK (112A. It's hard to find), needle in a haystack 

Other — ABEL (85D. Third-person masculine?), APSE (58D. Sunday recess?), CADDIES (90D. Ones left holding the bag?), CONSERVE (14D. Opposite of waste), FAT CHANCE (89A. “I wouldn‘t bet on it!”), LEATHER and SECLUDE (16D. Hide stuff; 122A. Hide), LENIN Peace Prize (7D. Award discontinued in 1990), RAW DEAL (1A. Short end of the stick), TAPAS (28A. Bacalao and Boquerones), WATUSI (8A. 1960s dance), WHITE HAT (59A. Something on a hero, maybe), what?!!? 

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