10.11.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Puzzle by Evans Clinchy / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Quite cheaply, AT WHOLESALE; 12. Green piece, SOD; 15. Guinness record-setter for “highest-rated TV series” (scoring 99 out of 100 on Metacritic.com), BREAKING BAD; 16. Org. with a radon hotline, EPA; 17. Ones in praise of angels?, BABY SITTERS; 18. Burmese greeting, MEW; 19. Times in classifieds, EVES; 20. Looking up to, ESTEEMING; 22. Tom Petty’s “YER So Bad”; 23. Game of pure chance, WAR; 25. Group of very small stars?, D LIST; 26. Third party label: Abbr., SOC; 27. Green piece?, ECO 29. Aid for collecting some samples, SWAB; 31. It’s shown in much storm reportage, AFTERMATH; 35. Biblical land in what is now Yemen, SHEBA; 36. Get rid of jerks?, GREASE THE WHEELS; 38. Mess (around), HORSE; 39. Ripens, MATURATES; 40. Tourist city on the Yamuna, AGRA; 41. Common scale topper, TEN; 42. Spanish 101 verb, SER; 43. Country that includes the island of Gozo and Comino, MALTA; 45. Bit of censure, TSK; 46. Laotian money, KIP; 49. Manhattan architect?, BARTENDER; 52. Spread of book and film, TARA; 53. N.L. West team, on scoreboards, ARI; 54. Far from scarce, A DIME A DOZEN; 57. Place for a monitor, for short, ICU; 58. 2014 N.B.A. M.V.P., KEVIN DURANT; 59. Omega, in physics, OHM; 60. Millions of people swipe them, SMARTPHONES.

Other — 1. Austen’s “Northanger ABBEY”; 2. Architectural crossbeam, TRAVE; 3. 100,000,000 maxwells, WEBER; 4. Makes bale?, HAYS; 5. Clears, OKS; 6. Year before the emperor Trajan was born, LII; 7. Key key?, ENTER; 8. They may be in a mess: Abbr., SGTS; 9. Help complete a job, ABET; 10. City in old westerns, LAREDO; 11. Villager station wagon, e.g., EDSEL; 12. Like some chocolate, SEMISWEET; 13. Restaurant availability, OPEN TABLE; 14. Bud, slangily, DAWG; 21. Catch badly?, MISHEAR; 23. Having gone south, WORSE; 24. Cartoon supplier, ACME; 26. It’s relatively lacking in iodine, SEA SALT; 27. “Benson” actor ETHAN Phillips; 28. CHET Baker with a trumpet; 30. Deep end?, BASS; Eastern leader, AGHA; 32. Force to walk with the arms pinned behind, FROG MARCH; 33. Turtle locale, maybe, TERRARIUM; 34. “Look AT ME!”; 35. Animated hero of 2001, SHREK; 37. Big chicken, WUSS; 41. One after another?, TANDEM; 44. Some desk materials, TEAKS; 45. 16th-century council site, TRENT; 46. Best Director of 1947 and 1954, KAZAN; 47. Memorable hurricane of 2011, IRENE; 48. Gauchos, e.g., PANTS; 49. “Soap” actor Jimmy BAIO; 50. Many an exploding star, DIVA; 51. Eastern leader, EMIR; 52. Ring combatant, TORO; 55. Big payroll service co., ADP; 56. “Of course!”, DUH.


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