10.05.14 — Tree

“Big Tree, Washington.” 
New York Public Library (D. Kinsey)

Promoting the wood products industry is the big tree trophy display photo of an acient cedar by Darius Kinsey, taken in 1906 in Washington State.  Two loggers, their axes embedded n trunk, stand on springboards on either side of the enormous tree trunk while a third man sits in the deep undercut of the mortally wounded ancient cedar.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson / Edited by Will Shortz

Tree types within words and phrases constitutes the main feature of this dense Sunday crossword.

TIP PECAN OE (10A. William Henry Harrison’s nickname; 13D. TREE)
ETH EL M ERTZ (27A. Lucy Ricardo’s friend; 28D. TREE)
PRAN CED AR OUND (58A. Cavorted; 59D. TREE)
PRES OAK ED (60A. Like many a stain before washing; 61D. TREE)
BURM A SH AVE (103A. Old roadside advertiser; 104D. TREE)
IN FIR MARY (68A. Sick bay; 69D. TREE)
IM PEACH ING (106A. Accusing of misconduct; 107D. TREE).

Other — AS EASY AS ABC (24A. Very simple); BANTU (2D. Source of the words “mamba” and “chimpanzee”); BATISTE (116A. Fine fabric); BIENNIALLY (75D. How congressional elections are held); C STUDENTS (70A. They’re around 2.0); FULL TILT (32A. All out); IRRITATION (17D. Pain in the neck); ITALIAN STALLION (45D. Sly nickname?); ONION RINGS (92A. Diner side dish); QUARTZ (7D. Amethyst or citrine); R-LESS (48D. Like months when oysters are not in season); SAL MINEO (113A. “Rebel Without a Cause” actor); SANSKRIT (30A. Source of the word “mantra”); STEEL TRAP (6D. Symbol for a sharp mind); STEN GUN (39D. British arm); TULIP (35D. Flower that symbolizes paradise on earth); WHIZBANG (91D. First-rate), YOU’RE NOT KIDDING (16D. “Amen to that!”).


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