10.22.14 — Face Time


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer / Edited by Will Shortz

A sort of “face” roughly formed by black squares, FACE  / TIME (32A and 33A. Meeting with someone in person), PEEKABOO, I SEE YOU (17A. Words to a baby) and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (59A. 007 film of 1981) constitutes the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — CARL ORFF (36D. “Carmna Burana” composer), DIOXIDE and OXYGEN (6D. Compound containing 10-Down; 10D. Element #8); GO ‘PFFT” (1D. Die). KUNG FU and SUMO (18D. A master of this really knows his chops; 56D. Bare-chested sport), LANCELOT (39D. Model of chivalry), ONE-LINER (38D. “I wonder what the word for ‘dots’ looks like in Braille,“ e.g.), POT and SANGRIA (53A. Ballot topic for decriminalization; 42A. Strong punch), SCROLL and UNCURL (37A. Reading for a king’s herald; 34A. Straighten out), SPINACH (14A. Catherine de‘ Medici is said to haven eaten it every day).


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Anonymous said...

I didn't think Finland had any fjørds but they do have one. They don't call it that of course, the word for it in suomi is vuono. Most people don't know this but the Finns are closely related, both ethnically and linguistically to the Estonians and the Hungarians.