10.17.14 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, October 17, 2014

Puzzle b Michael Ashley / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Something running on a cell, MOBILE APP; 10. “The Waltons” co-star Ralph WAITE; 15. Starting to succeed, ON ONE’S WAY; 16. Opera title boy, AMAHL; 17. Been exposed to an awful lot, SEEN IT ALL; 18. Like Royal Albert Hall, DOMED; 19. Roofing option, TAR; 20. “Palindromania!” writer Jon AGEE; 21. Male duck, DRAKE; 22. Be up, BAT; 24. Ones hanging around delis?, SALAMIS; 26. Flashers at a rock concert, STROBES; 30. Let up, RELENT; 31. Superslim, THIN AS A REED; 34. Some QB protectors, RGS; 35. Out of service?: Abbr., RETD; 36. Gouge, e.g., MAR; 37. Dog tag?, FIDO; 38. Thespian UMA Thurman; 39. One who’s often 31-Across, FASHION ICON; 43. Orbiting Galaxy, e.g., COMSAT; 45. Hulu offerings, STREAMS; 46. Like a cat-o’-nine-tails’ nine tails, KNOTTED; 48. Spitfire org., RAF; 49. Paul DIRAC who pioneered in quantum mechanics; 50. Means to deep spiritual insight, YOGA; 53. Malaria-fighting compound during W.W. II, DDT; 56. Development sites?, UTERI; 57. “V for Vendetta” writer, ALAN MOORE; 60. “Le Bassin aux Nymphéas” painter, MONET; 61. Tabs, e.g., DIET SODAS; 62. Lead character in seasons 1-3 of “Homeland”, BRODY; 63. One-run homers, SOLO SHOTS.

Down — 1. Start of many records, MOST; 2. Prime draft pick, ONE-A; 3. Two-time belligerent against the British Empire, BOER; 4. Country INN; 5. “Magnum, P.I.” wear, LEI; 6. Things dealt with in passing, ESTATES; 7. Like many dogs’ tails, AWAG; 8. Faint, PALE; 9. TV’s Goober and others, PYLES; 10. Was ducky?, WADDLED; 11. Lacking scruples, AMORAL; 12. 2007 satirical best seller, I AM AMERICA; 13. 2007 Jamie Foxx film set in Saudi Arabia, THE KINGDOM; 14. Many future monarchs, ELDEST SONS; 22. What atoms may have, BOND; 23. Oakland Oaks’ org., ABA; 25. Consist of, ARE; 26. Overawed, STRUCK DUMB; 27. Church-owned newsweekly, for short, THE MONITOR; 28. Only Hispanic performer with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, RITA MORENO; 29. SAM’S Club; 32. Player motivator, RAH; 33. Olympian troublemaker, ERIS; 37. Person’s sphere of operation, FIEF; 39. Easy street’s location?, FAT CITY; 40. Had, ATE; 41. Town at the tip of Italy’s “heel”, OTRANTO; 42. Carrying people, for short?, NRA; 44. Didn’t just peek, STARED; 47. Couples, DYADS; 51. Potpourri, OLIO; 52. Fine GAEL (Irish political party); 53. Dummy, DODO; 54. “Consarn it all!”, DRAT; 55. Danny Ocean’s ex-wife in “Ocean’s Eleven, TESS; 58. Some mail for a mag, MSS; 59. “Will ya look at that!”, OOH.


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