10.02.14 — Relativity

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time and space are woven together to form a four-dimensional fabric called “space-time.”  Here, we see an illustration of the way Earth’s gravity creates a depression in the fabric of space-time.  Discovery.com, image credit: NASA


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Puzzle by David Woolf / Edited by Will Shortz

EINSTEIN, EQUATION, NOBLE PRIZE and RELATIVITY, along with six squares reading E=mc, constitutes the main feature of this challenging Thursday crossword:

  • [E=mc]INST[E=mc]IN (19A. 20th-century figure with a famous 56-Across represented literally six times in this puzzle), along with SWI[E=mc]AP (1D. Top in the pool?) and FIL[E=mc]ANON (5D. Most important movies)
  • NOBL[E=mc]E PRIZ[E=mc] (9D. Recognition received by 19-Across), along with CO[E=mc]AST (21A. NBC parent beginning in 2011) and TO[E=mc]ATS (46A. Promiscuous guys)
  • R[E=mc]LATIVITY (26D. Subject explored by 19-Across), along with [E=mc]LOVIN (31A. Nickname for Fogell in “Superbad”)
  • [E=mc]QUATION (56A. See 19-Across), along with [E=mc]JOB (56D. Unfulfilling work)

Other — BAD SPORT (27A. Sore loser), BIRCH (27D. Knd of beer), CANARY (41D. Singer), MAOISM (15D. Little Red Book ideology), MINIMA (2D. Low points), “MOLTO bene” (15A. “Very well”: It.),  PLUTARCH (44A. “Parallel Lives” writer), RANCH (24D. It has hands and brands), SCHULZ (42A. Woodstock producer).


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