10.10.14 — Freeway

Los Angeles Freeway


Friday, October 10, 2014

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Three puzzles connected by a single letter each, the center section containing a series of eight words beginning with 'CH", constitutes the main feature of this unfriendly Friday crossword.

Across — 1. Major artery, FREEWAY; 8. No longer under consideration, DEAD; 12. “Absolutely!”, PLEASE DO; 13. Raid target, PANTY; 14. Something a bride brings to a marriage, TROUSSEAU; 15. Originate, ARISE; 16. Like some nuts, ROASTED; 17. Black-and-white, CRUISER; 19. Sunroof, maybe, OPTION; 20. Count at the breakfast table, CHOCULA; 21. Golden Gophers’ sch. U MINN; 22. Woman’s shift, CHEMISE; 23. Guilty sensation, PANG; 24. Italian red, CHIANTI; 25. Bath site: Abbr., ENG; 26. Number 10-Down, CHANTEY; 27. Routes: Abbr., RDS.; 30. Indian condiment, CHUTNEY; 31. Sugar source, BEET; 32. Was a hit, say, CHARTED; 33. Ballerina descriptor, PRIMA; 34. Blackened, CHARRED; 35. Showed unhappiness, in a way, MOANED; 36. Mars, notably, WARRIOR; 37. 1949 show tune with the lyric “Here am I, your special island!”, BALI HAI; 38. Olympian’s first name that sounds like another Olympian’s name, APOLO; 39. Site of the largest sports arena in Europe, BARCELONA; 41. Cupid’s teammate, COMET; 42. Ranch dressing?, OVERALLS; 43. Small change, ONES; 44. Quickly reproduced, XEROXED.

Down — 1. Suggesting, as an idea, FLOATING; 2. Extending the life of, REUSNG; 3. City where the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers meet, EASTON; 4. Scene of W.W. II aircrews, ESSEN; 5. Do some yard work, WEED; 6. Org. concerned with bridges and canals, ADA; 7. “Unfair!”, YOU CHEATED; 8. Persian ruler dubbed “the Great”, DARIUS I; 9. Strand, in a way, ENISLE; 10. See 26-Across, AT SEA; 11. One changing locks?, DYER; 12. Stage assistant, PROPMAN; 13. Dearth, PAUCITY; 14. Play group, TROUPE; 18. Presidential candidate who wrote “No Apology”, ROMNEY; 20. Pulled up to a bar, CHINNED; 22. Yakker, CHATTERBOX; 24. Spanish/Mexican pastry, CHURRO; 26. Transportation for Helios, CHARIOT; 27. Judge of the moves, REINHOLD; 28. Slights, DEMEANS; 29. Large bowls, STADIA; 30. River that flows past four universities, CHARLES; 31. Touch-type?, BRAILLE; 32. 2014 Kentucky Derby winner California CHROME; 33. Low-tech hacker?, POLE AX; 34. Dinner chicken, CAPON; 35. Certain shortcut, MACRO; 36. Only major U.S. city with a radio station whose call letters spell the city’s name, WACO; 37. Title in children’s literature, B’RER; 40. Hail and farewell, AVE.


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Anonymous said...

Waco, a major city? That's just wacko. What's that make Tulsa? A megalopolis?