10.31.14 — Immurement

The Cask of Amontillado illustration by Stuart Brooks 

The Cask of Amontillado … is about the narrator’s deadly revenge on a friend who he believes has insulted him. … the narrative revolves around a person being buried alive—in this case, by immurement. ~ Wikipedia 


Friday, October 31, 2014 — Halloween 

Puzzle by Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Boston and Chicago, but not Seattle, ROCK BANDS; 10. Diddly-squat, JACK; 14. Inuit’s transport, WHALE BOAT; 15. Oscar nominee for “Fiddler on he Roof”, TOPOL; 16. Recommended, ADVISABLE; 17. Photoshop effect, SEPIA; 18. Bright lights, NEONS; 19. What naturals have, RAW TALENT; 21. With 24-Across, witchcraft, e.g., DARK; 22. Up, RAISE; 23. Sea-TAC; 24. See 21-Across, ART; 25. Ring of islands?, LEI; 26. Barely clear, in a way, AWEIGH; 29. Expert, COGNOSCENTE; 32. Like Fortunato, in Poe’s “the Cask of Amontillado,” e.g., BURIED ALIVE; 33. “The Cask of Amontillado,” e.g., HORROR STORY; 34. Ease, LOOSEN; 35. Predators in the “Predator” films, for short, ETS; 36. Some I.R.A.’s, CDS; 39. “Be on the lookout” signal, in brief, APB; 40. AMISH country (rustic locale); 43. Gallows TREE; 44. Anthrax cousin, METALLICA; 47. Prey for a dingo, KOALA; 48. Helpful, OF USE 49. Get ready to click, maybe, MOUSE OVER; 51. Ora pro NOBIS; 52 Having human form, INCARNATE; 53. TRES chic; 54. Didn’t kill each other, CO-EXISTED.

Down — 1. Where primatologist Dian Fossey worked, RWANDA; 2. “We’re in trouble now!”, OH DEAR; 3. Gambol, CAVORT; 4. TV colonel, KLINK; 5. 20th-century first lady, BESS; 6. Grp. with suits and cases, ABA; 7. Easy decision, NO BRAINER; 8. Start of an Eastern title, DALAI; 9. Fusses, STEWS 10. Book after Hosea, JOEL; 11. Desire, APPETITE; 12. Introduction to English?, COINAGE; 13. Social gathering, KLATCH; 15. Grp. With a lot of baggage, TSA; 20. British kitchen accessory, TEA CLOTH; 22. Like the words “hoagie” and “kitty-corner”, REGIONAL; 25. Actor with the line “Rick! Rick, help me!”, LORRE; 27. Small dams, WEIRS; 28. “ENVY, like lightning, seeks the highest places”: Livy; 29. Base men?, CURS; 30. Some E.R. cases, ODS; 31. Topping for skewered meat, SATE SAUCE; 32. Idiot box, BOOB TUBE; 33. Desire, HOPE FOR; 34. The son on “Sanford and Son”, LAMONT; 36. Adam’s apple coverer, CRAVAT; 37. X, DELETE; 38. Blackened, SEARED; 41. Parrot, MIMIC; 42. Prefix with -graphic, ICONO; 43. Betty Boop and Bugs Bunny, TOONS; 45. “The way things are …”, AS IS; 46. Tous LES jours (daily: Fr.); 47. Actress KERI Russell of “Felicity”; 50. Adolphe with an instrument named after him, SAX.


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Anonymous said...

Pet peeve. I know the word natural has several legitimate usages as a noun. There's a company whose product contains something they call "active naturals". Since nature is all inclusive, I guess an "inactive natural" would be one of the noble gases. Another company previously claimed its shampoo contained "botanicals". If botanical were a noun (which it is not)it would have to include things like strychnine. A new one is "if you've talked to your rheumatologist about a "biologic"... What the? If biologic were a noun both the patient and the doctor would be "biologics" so I guess everyone always talks to their doctors about "biologics". Oh my...