01.12.15 — All in All

 The Scream, 1893, Edvard Munch


Monday, January 12, 2015

Puzzle by Jason Finn / Edited by Will Shortz

Common expressions that represent entirety, all clued with "All ...", constitutes the main feature of this Monday crossword:

STEM TO STERN (17A. All, for a ship’s captain)
CRADLE TO GRAVE (23A. All, for a life insurance agent)
SEA TO SHINING SEA (38A. All, for an anthem writer)
START TO FINISH (52A. All, for a race organizer)
TOP TO BOTTOM (63A. All, for a house cleaner)

Other — AMECHE (67A. Actor Don of “Cocoon”), AZURE (54D. Sky-blue); FETCH (55D. Command to Fido while throwing a ball), IDEATE (8D. Do some brainstorming), I’M IN and NOT I (41D. “You can count on me”; 40D. “Don’t count on me”), NEGEV (12D. Desert of Israel), POOPED (48D. Plumb tuckered out), PSYCHOTIC (36D. Crazed, in a way), THE SCREAM (3D. Edvard Munch masterpiece).


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