01.18.15 — Changelings


Sunday, January 18, 2015

“Changelings” — Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Six word ladder sentences comprise the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

HUGE LUGE LUGS LOGS LOTS (27A. Gigantic sled hauls firewood quite a bit)
MAID SAID SAND SANK SINK (34A. Domestic worker claimed shifting beach engulfed basin)
PALE PALS PASS LASS LESS (60A. Friends who have never been to the beach don’t walk by the girl so often)
KIDS KISS MISS MOSS MOST (67A. Children show their affection for model Kate above all others)
LOUD LOUT LOST LAST CAST (92A. Boisterous oaf confused the previous set of actors)
WILT WILL FILL FULL FUEL (100A. Mr. Chamberlain intends to top off his gas tank)

Other — ALMOND (59D. “Sometimes you feel like a nut” nut), “King KONG, “Rama LAMA Ding Dong” (1961 hit), LOUIS C K (88D. Comedian who said “Every day starts, my eyes open and I reload the program of misery”), MAC USER (90D. Non-PC person), MAYN’T (72D. Quaint contraction), SNERT (119A. Comics canine), STAUBACH (5D. QB who led the Cowboys to victories n Super Bowls VI and XII), TUNG OIL (6D. Varnish ingredient), VISES (52D. Metaphors for serous headaches).


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