01.03.15 — Game

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Puzzle by Sam Ezersky / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Bollix, BOTCH; 6. Rough selection?, SEVEN IRON; 15. 1975 Golden Globe winner, RHODA; 16. Merry Men member, ALAN A DALE; 17. Marty Robbins’s “AIN’T I THE Lucky One”; 18. One doing 40+, FULL-TIMER; 19. Speech closing?, IFY; 20. They’re laid down in shipyards, KEELS; 22. Notice after the expiration date?, OBIT; 23. “Uh, yeah!”, NO DOUBT; 25. BACON'S Rebellion (colonial uprising); 27. Just for Men target, GRAY; 28. Incidentally, BY THE BY; 31. Auntie Mame’s secretary, AGNES; 33. Rear of a disco?, BOOTY; 34. “LES Jeunes de Paris” (recurring “S.N.L.” sketch); 37. Munchie often dipped in marinara, MOZZARELLA STICK; 40. Info for air traffic control, ETA; 41. Like some carpets and autumn leaves, PILED; 42. Classic Harlem ballroom, with “the”, SAVOY; 43. Feature of many a convertible or Jeep, SOFT TOP; 45. Hinge, RELY; 46. “The Return of Doctor X” star, 1939, BOGART; 49. Poet Howard NEMEROV who wrote “A Primer of the Daily Round”; 51. Aéroports de Paris manages it, ORLY; 52. Kofi Annan’s home, GHANA; 54. Before now, AGO; 55. Ball carriers, TOY STORES; 58. Completely fixed, REDID; 60. Its last model was the 1941 Skylark, HUPMOBILE; 61. Dean’s “East of Eden” role, TRASK; 62. Eschewing a higher calling?, ATHEISTIC; 63. Maker of iComfort, SERTA.  

Down — 1. Crossword, e.g., BRAIN GAME; 2. “Oops, that had escaped me”, OH I FORGOT; 3. Boxer-turned-sitcom star, TONY DANZA; 4. Setting for Twins games: Abr., CDT; 5. Traditional three-liner, HAIKU; 6. Ejection protection, SAFETY BELT; 7. Month in which Creation began, by tradition, ELUL; 8. Triple-time dance, in Durango, VALS; 9. Size up?: Abbr., ENL; 10. Phillie foe, NAT; 11. Senselessness, IDIOCY; 12. No wuss, RAMBO; 13. Liquid part of fat, OLEIN; 14. “Shoot!”, NERTS; 21. Leave shore, perhaps, EBB; 24. Cry for attention, OYEZ; 25. Test letter?, BETA; 26. It’s unfathomable, ABYSS; 29. Flat sign, TO LET; 30. “Whoa, whoa!”, HOLD ON A SEC; 32. Taste, SAPOR; 34. Real-time storm tracker, LIVE RADAR; 35. One concerned with invasive species, ECOLOGIST; 36. Liquor with the slogan “West of Expected, SKYY VODKA; 38. Major fault, RIFT; 39. Something discounted at a deli, TARE; 43. Argument-ending declaration, SAYS ME; 44. One with a signature role?, PEN; 46. De Klerk succeeded him, BOTHA; 47. “In OR OUT?”; 48. Rosetta Stone figure, GLYPH; 50. Trading places, MARTS; 52. Clench, GRIT; 53. Start to ski?, HELI; 56. “Vous,” informally, TOI; 57. Special delivery figs.?, OBS; 59. Ahead of, once, ERE.


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