01.10.15 — Saturday Sonata


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ATTENTION GETTER (60A. Big wave, e.g.); CASUALTIES OF WAR (1D. Fighting losses); DIDI CONN (37D. Frenchy portrayer n “Grease”); EARTH SCIENTISTS (3D. Water cycle studiers, e.g.); MOONLIGHT SONATA (10D. Masterpiece designated “quasi una fantasia”); REST ON ONE’S OARS (61A. Takes a breather); REYNOSA (17A. City across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Tex.); ROSIE THE RIVETER (11D. Per a 1942 song, “She’s making history, working for victory”); SAGE HENS (6D. Nevadans); SARONGS (16A. Wraps around an island?); STATION MANAGERS (12D. Radio heads); T C CHEN (29A. Scorer of the first double eagle in U.S. Open history, 1985); THE NERVE and THE MRS (7D. “Such gall!“; 7A. “My old lady”); TRANSACTION DATE (2D. Invoice information), WASHINGTON STATE (57A. Locale of five major U.S. volcanoes).


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