01.01.15 — Golf

Thursday, January 1, 2015 — New Year's Day

Puzzle by Jill Denny and Jeff Chen

Edited by Will Shortz

PAR FOR THE COURSE (53A. Average … or a literal hint to 17-, 26- and 42-Across), along with phrases containing the words "one" and "two", either above or below "par", imagining the words for the golf terminology, e.g., “eagle,“ “bogey,“ and “birdie”, constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

“Eagle”, TWO over PAR:
THE TWO HAS LANDED (17A. Neil Armstrong declaration)
CAR PARTS (15A. Belt and hose)

“Bogey”, ONE over PAR:

THE ONE MAN (26A. What a parent might warn a child to watch out for) 
POOL PARTY (32A. Bash with a splash)

“Birdie”, ONE under PAR:

WATER PARK (38A. Chutes and ladders locale) with 
BYE BYE ONE (42A. 1961 Tony winner for Best Musical) 

PGA (53D. Org. that’s most likely to appreciate this puzzle?)

Other — ACT (1D. House work?), A STUDENT (1A. Person close to 100?), A TRAIN (60A. Duke‘s transportation?), AU LAIT (35A. Noir alternative), DE LEON (36A. Part of a Spanish explorer’s name), HOLY TERROR (27D. Real imp), KIDNEY BEAN (12D. Organlike legume), PASTE (32D. Wallop), PEEKABOO (61A. Game for which it‘s helpful to have hands-on experience?), STYNE (37A. “Funny Girl” composer).


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