01.13.15 — Nickelback

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Puzzle by Michael Blake / Edited by Will Shortz

NICKELBACK (58A. Billboard’s top rock group of 2000-09 …or where to find a 23-Across [before 1939] or 17-Across [today]), along with MONTICELLO (17A. Tourist attraction in Charlottesville, Va.), AMERICAN BISON (23A. Largest wild animal in the United States) and E PLURIBUS UNUM (47A. “Out of many, one”) constitutes the interrelated group of this friendly Tuesday crossword.

Other — AEIOU (33D. Run out of rhythm?), CARIBOU (25D. Image on the reverse of a Canadian quarter), CUE TIP (6D. It’s chalked in a pool hall), GLEE CLUB (41A. School singing group), IRON and URGE (2D. Press; 57A. Press), OSAKAN (45D. Resident of the so-called “Chicago of Japan”), RELEASED (32A. Turned loose), SCRIMMAGE (34D. Practice game, in sports), SINGAPORE (3D. Country in which English and Mandarin are official languages), Ernest TUBB, nicknamed “The Texas Troubadour“..


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