01.11.15 — Personal Statements

Sharon Stone, Casino, 1995


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Personal Statements, Puzzle by Peter A. Collins 
Edited by Will Shortz

Seven last names of well-known people broken up to form first-name  possessives and one or two common words, clued to suit, constitutes the interrelated group of this nifty Sunday crossword:   
  • 23A. The makeup affected the appearance of all the cast of "Casino," including SHARON’S TONE, e.g., Sharon Stone.
  • 35A. After the 1946 World Series, the dugout was filled with the Cardinals and their happy sounds, including  ENOS’S LAUGHTER, Enos Slaughter  
  • 51A. She said that when it comes to '60s teen idols, all you need to know is one thing:  BOBBY’S HER MAN, Bobby Sherman
  • 67A. The bartender poured beers for all the action movie stars, including SYLVESTER’S TALL ONE, Sylvester Stallone
  • 85A. [The members of the Metropolitan Opera were hit with a host of problems, including BEVERLY’S ILLS, Beverly Sills
  • 99A. At Thanksgiving the Indians were impressed with the Pilgrims and their earth-toned platters, especially  MYLES’S TAN DISH, Myles Standish
  • 116A. [While trading barbs during the filming of "M*A*S*H," no one was able to match LORETTA’S WIT, Loretta Swit
Other — ABRASIONS (42D. Scrapes); Guilty AS SIN , BREDA (85D. Dutch treaty city); BUBBLY (37D. What toasters often hold); CONNS (65D. Steers, as a ship); COLD WAR (108A. Backdrop for many Bond films); EYE LIFT (82D. Bit of cosmetic surgery); FENLAND (90D. Marshy region); MASAI (20A. People of Kenya); MONOGAMY (15D. Challenge for a playboy); Opa LOCKA, Fla.; OSLO (63D. City in Los Lobos?); PAPA John’s; PEI (71A. I.M. sent to a construction site?); POT USER (58D. High-minded sort?); RHONDA (5D. Title woman in a Beach Boys hit); SEALE (73A. Co-founder of the Black Panthers); SPALL (61A. Break up, as concrete); WHOLE MILK (48D. Half of half-and-half).


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