01.21.15 — T Formation

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Puzzle by Jim Hilger / Edited by Will Shortz

MR T (42A. “Rocky III” actor [and an apt answer in this puzzle]) and FORMATION (50A. Following the nine black squares in the center of the grid, a hint to five pairs of answers in this puzzle), along with a large “T” formed by black squares in the center of the crossword, constitutes the main feature of this Wednesday crossword.  The five pairs form the letter “T”:

WATER / TIGHT (5A. With 7-Down, incapable of leaking)
AFTER / TASTE (26A. With 28-Down, disagreeable quality of diet sodas)
OFTEN / TIMES (29A. With 30-Down, frequently)
TITLE / TRACK (52A. With 57-Down, song with the same name as its album)
DUTCH / TREAT (56A. With 57-Down, meal for which everyone pays his or her own way)

Other — ARAPAHOE (24D. Ally of the Cheyenne: Var.), BEECHES (46A. Trees with triangular nuts), EDILE (8D. Roman magistrate), FAQS (10A. Online info sources), FAR LEFT (10D. Socialists, on the political spectrum), IMPATIENT (36D. Fidgety), INUTILE (36A. Pointless), NOURI (37D. Michael of “Flashdance”), PAST TENSE (23A. History is recorded in it), SNIPPET (4D. Small excerpt), SOUL FOOD (25D. Chitlins, ham hocks, etc.), TAX RATE (71A. Something in brackets), TINSMITHS (35D. Some sheet metal workers), TOKE (3D. Joint action).


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