01.22.15 — The Fifth

A true-color image of Jupiter taken by the Cassini spacecraft. The Galilean moon Europa casts a shadow on the planet's cloud tops ~ NASA


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crossword by Timothy Polin / Edited by Will Shortz

FIFTH / COLUMNS (15D. With 45-Down, subversive groups … or what the answers in the shaded squares comprise?), along with five columns containing eight answers where the subject is the fifth of a series constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

JUPITER (1D. Planet) along with BORON (46D. Chemical element)
SOL (4D. Note on the musical scale) with DEUTERONOMY (25D. Book of the Bible) 
PIERCE BROSNAN (6D. James Bond portrayer)
ALAN SHEPARD (9D. Man who walked on the moon) with MAY (59D. Month)
AUGEAN STABLES (18D. Labor of Hercules)

Other — AD LIB (35D. Go off line?), AURORAE (38D. Nighttime phenomena), CARPI (19A. Neighbors of ulnae), GAG RULE (41D. Silencer), JOSS (1A. Kind of stick), PASSADO (7D. Fencing thrust), TILDE  (24A. (El Niño feature), TOP RATE (11D. Maximum tax).


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