01.07.15 — Maze

The Minotaur


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Puzzle by Greg Johnson / Edited by Will Shortz

A note accompanies today’s crossword:  When the puzzle is done, the circled letters, reading from top to bottom, will spell something that belongs in the center square. 

MINOTAUR in a single square in the center of the puzzle and spelled out in circled letters, constitutes the main feature of this fine Wednesday crossword:

THESEUS (13A. Maze runner?)
THREAD (15A. Item used by 13-Across to navigate the 22-Across)
LABYRINTH (22A. Home of the [circled letters])
KING MINOS (48A. Ruler of 30-Down)
ESCAPE (63A. Avoid, as the [circled letters])
ARIADNE (64A. Daughter of 48-Across who helped 31-Across)
SWORD (26A. Weapon used to slay the [circled letters])
CRETE (30D. Home of the [circled letters])

Other — ABIDJAN (42D. Third-largest French-speaking city in the world [hint: it’s in Ivory Coast]), CLERKS (28A. Registered workers?), KODAK (48D. Big name in the film industry), LEGOS (41D. They stick together in the playroom), RINSERS (43D. Some salon workers), RRR (20D. Basic of education, colloquially), SHOULDA (17A. Slangy word of regret), UTLEY (21A. Late TV newsman Garrick), YAMMERS (34A. Goes on and on).


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