01.28.15 — YOU

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

Four song titles with a shared "YOU" in the title constitutes the main feature of this pleasant but complicated Wednesday crossword:

I’VE GOT / YOU / UNDER MY SKIN (1A, 38A and 46A: 1966 4 Seasons hit)
ALL / YOU / NEED IS LOVE (10A, 38A and 50A: 1967 Beatles hit)
JUST THE WAY / YOU / ARE (21A, 38A and 65A: 1977 Billy Joel hit)
I WANT TO TAKE / YOU / HIGHER (26A, 38A AND 67A: 1970 Sly & the Family Stone hit)

Other — CONSOLING (36D. Giving a pat on the back, say), GRAPE-NUTS (4D. Post breakfast cereal), HAIR COMB (35A. Producer of many parts), IMPEACH (43D. Bring formal charges against), IMPOSTER (59A. Phony), KON-TIKI (9D. 1950 best seller subtitled “Across the Pacific by Raft”), LEAR and TEAR, THE JETS (6D. New York team that plays its home games in New Jersey), WOWED (27D. Knocked the socks off).


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