01.29.15 — Man in the Middle

The Peking Man

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Puzzle by John Farmer / Edited by Will Shortz

CUT OUT THE / MIDDLE MAN (17A. When 58-Across, buy or sell direct … or what to do in this puzzle three times?), along with RAIN[MAN] (20A. Best Picture between “The Last Emperor” and “Driving Miss Daisy”), THE ICE[MAN] COMETH (34A. With 37-Across, drama set in New York’s Last Chance Saloon) and [MAN]AGUA (53A. Central American Capital) constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ROMAN and PEKING MAN (18A. Upright type; 23A. Archaeological discovery of the 1920s whose fossils have been missing since 1941), HIT MAN and MAÑANA (32A. Offer?; 40A. Procrastinator’s time), MAN FRIDAY and MANDY (49A. Faithful servant; 55A. “Homeland” actor Patinkin).

Of interest — ALABAMA (44A. Where Forrest Gump attended college), E-MAIL LIST (62A. Aid for a club secretary nowadays), GHERKIN (8D. Vlasic classic), LUNATIC (15D. Nut), MADAMES (40D. Butterfly and others), MODEL A (54A. Vintage Ford), SACK LUNCH (14A. It might contain a sandwich and an apple), S CLASS (47D. Mercedes-Benz luxury line), SHANTY (48D. Makeshift dwelling).


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