01.30.15 — Line in the Sand

Friday, January 30, 2015

Puzzle by David Phillips / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ALLEMANDE (41A. Baroque dance form), CARTOONED (22A. Worked for Mad, maybe), CASBAH (7A. Foreign fortress), Singer CEELO Green, DR SCHOLL’S (6D. Sole supporter?), DRUM SOLOS (32D. Hard-hitting musical performances?), EPEEIST (16A. Person making pointed attacks?), ETHAN Hawke of “Boyhood“, Anna FARIS of the “Scary Movie“ films, “GILMORE Girls”, HOTWIRE (13A. Take for the road?), NEFERTITI and PHARAOHS (31D. Queen of the Nile; 21A. Line in the sand?)PANTERA (51D. Heavy-meal band with the #1 album “Far Beyond Driven”), SCHOOL‘S OUT (19A. 1972 Alice Cooper hit with the lyric "we got no class"), TINE (25D. What’s the point of an eating utensil?), WII SPORTS (5D. Popular video game for wannabe athletes).


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