01.23.15 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, January 23, 2015

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ANAPESTS (37D. Kin of iambs), FACE PALM (49A. Alternative to a head slap), FALDO (49D. One of only three winners of consecutive Masters), ESKIMO DOG (1A. Inuit companion), FAIR ISLE (40D. Shetland sweater style), GEOCACHING (9D. Coordinated activity?), GERITOL (47A. Tonic for “tired blood”), I’M A LOSER (3D. Beatles song with the line “My tears are falling like rain from the sky”), KALAMAZOO (17A. Starting point of a train trip to Timbuktu, in song), KILOHERTZ (3D. Measure of a radio band), MIMERS (5D. Quiet parrots), NOISE LEVEL (28D. Something to watch in a library), RED ELM (48D. Crate and barrel wood), RIN-TIN-TIN (33D. Shepherd of old movies), SAGAMORE Hill, historic home of Theodore Roosevelt, ZIMBABWE (10D. Country with the most official languages [16]),


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