01.04.14 — The Descent of Man

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Puzzle by Finn Vigeland / Edited by Will Shortz

Five answers with "MAN" descending at the end of the entry (a partial of the adjacent entry) constitutes the main feature of this friendly Sunday crossword:
  • I’M ONLY HU[MAN] (30A. “Nobody’s infallible, not even me”) with SCHUMANN 15D. “Kinderszenen” composer)
  • BILDUNGSRO[MAN] (32A. Literary genre of “David Copperfield” or “Ender’s Game”) with PAX ROMANA
  • DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOW[MAN] (71A. Title song question in Disney’s “Frozen”) with AW MAN (70D. “Gimme a beak!”)
  • MORGAN FREE[MAN] (110a. Academy Award winner who has played both a U.S. president and God) with LE MANS (106D. 1960s-’80s Pontiac)
  • WONDER WO[MAN] (112A. Cover subject of Ms. Magazine’s debut issue, 1972) with OTTOMAN (95D. Place to kick your feet up)

Other — ABACI (74D. Summers of old?); ALE GLASS, BREW PUB and TENDS BAR (91D. Container in a 34-Down; 34D. It’s drafts may be crafts; 18D. Is a mixologist); AMAZONAS (87D. Largest state of Brazil); ASYMMETRY (82D. Feature of much modern architecture), COME ON IN (23A. Greeting at the door); CRASH PAD (85A. Friend’s couch, perhaps); DARE I ASK (46D. Hesitant start to a question), FRO YO (50D. Cold treat, informally); HERNANDO / DESOTO (52D. With 126-Across, first European to cross the Mississippi); IN THE BAG (14D. 100% guaranteed); KISHKA (89A. Stuffed Jewish dish); MACARENA (120A. 1990s craze), MDMA (21D. Drug also known as Ecstasy); OSCAR (31D. Award for Hunt and Peck); PAX ROMANA (7D Long period of stability ending circa A.D. 180); REDDIT (55D. Website billed as “the front page of the Internet”); RICE WINE (86D. Popular Eastern beverage), ROSEMARY (38A. So-called “herb of remembrance”), TERMITES (100A. What may eat you out of house and home?), XWORD (25A. Daily newspaper feature, informally).


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