01.05.15 — Birds

Monday, January 5, 2015

Puzzle by John Guzzetta / Edited by Will Shortz

EAGLE, BUZZARD, CHICKEN, HAWK and GOOSE, found as the second word of two-word phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this agreeable Monday crossword:

LEGAL EAGLE (16A. Skillful lawyer)
OLD BUZZARD (24A. Cantankerous fellow)
SPRING CHICKEN (37A. Relative youngster)
BUDGET HAWK (51A. Hard-liner on government spending)
SILLY GOOSE (60A. Goofball)

Other — AMENABLE (10D. Open to suggestions), AZTECAN (21D. Like many Mexicans’ forebears), DRACULA (25D. One trying to grab a bite at the theater?), EMUS (15A. Cousins of ostriches), Tom EWELL, onetime Marilyn Monroe co-star), PANDEMIC (38D. Nightmare for the C.D.C.), PIG and SPITTED (6D. Bacon source; 30D. Ready for the rotisserie), QUATRAIN (11D. “Roses are red …,” e.g.), SHOUT-OUT (37D. Public mention).


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