02.02.15 — Minor Planet

Pluto, dwarf planet


Friday, January 2, 2015

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

This fairly friendly Friday crossword is essentially three crosswords in one due to a single-square opening between three sections.

Of interest — ADULT MOVIES (14A. They may be marked with X’s), DAMES (39D. Women, in pulp fiction), DEMOCRATIC PARTY (40A. Group for people who are feeling blue?), HIS EMINENCE (17A. What to call a cardinal), IN EXISTENCE (51A. Living), IT’S ALL IN THE GAME (19A. 1958 #1 hit composed by Vice President Charles Dawes), “Fearless” star JET LI, JONI Mitchell with the platinum album “Blue”, Macroeconomics pioneer KEYNES, Sportswriter LEN Pasquarelli, LEGERDEMAIN (49a. Hocus-pocus), MINESWEEPER (34A. Classic computer game played on a grid), MINOR PLANET (31A. Pluto, for one), PIN CUSHIONS (24A. Stuffed accessories), POTATOES (11D. Fries things?), RED HOT POKER (33A. Brand maker?), RIPENED (33D. It might change color), TATTLETALES (32A. Rats), TAW (18A. Shooter for kids), UP TOP (28D. High-five request).


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