01.15.15 — Balti-more

"Old Baltimore Harbor" by Paul McGehee. Baltimore's Inner Harbor was a busy working waterfront in 1930. The newly completed Baltimore Trust Building (now Maryland National Bank) towered over one of America's most prosperous crossroads of commerce. Graceful white passenger steamers would dock along Light Street, taking on people and produce bound for all points on the Chesapeake Bay. The harbor was alive with the sounds of steam whistles and paddle wheels churning, and with the smell of spices and roasting coffee from McCormick's and other processing plants. It was the twilight era of working sail and steam vessels...a time we shall not see again.  ~ The Paul McGehee Collection 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Puzzle by Herre Schouwerwou / Edited by Will Shortz

I COULD HAVE / LOVED NEW YORK/ HAD I NOT LOVED / BALTI-MORE (20A. Beginning of a quote by Ogden Nash, with punctuation included; 27A, 43A and 54A.) constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ART TATUM (38D. Nearly blind jazz great), CULTS (1A. Some worship groups), CAN IT (1D. “Not another peep!“), MOON BOOT (37D. Fashionable 1980s item resembling a bit of astronaut’s attire), PIED PIPER (33D. Leading folk figure), SEA-DOG (42D. Popular recreational watercraft), SLEEPOVER (11D. Perfect night for a pillow fight), SLOVENLY (8D. Disheveled, TOMBOY (10D. Girl who challenges stereotypes), TYPESETS (9D. Prepares for printing).


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