01.14.15 — Roman Numerals

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Puzzle by Caleb Emmons / Edited by Will Shortz

In  this Wednesday crossword, common  names / phrases are clued as if certain parts were Roman numerals:

LEMONADE MIX (17A: 1,009th juice drink?)
PRINCESS DI (11D: 501st royal daughter?)
IV DRUGS (39A: Four prescriptions?)
XXX RATINGS (30D: 30 consumer reviews?)
XL TEE SHIRTS (61A: 40 concert souvenirs?)

Other — BLONDES (4D. Many Swedish models),  INXS (33A. Band with the 1987 6x platinum album “Kick”), KETTLE (15A. Salvation Army donation), MAXED OUT (28A. At the limit, as a credit card), ON A STICK (47A. How corn dogs are served), SPAWNED (21A. Gave rise to), SQUASH (5A. Court sport).


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