01.25.15 — Twist Ending

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival 
Northeast China


Sunday, January 25, 2015

“Twist Ending" — Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld

Edited by Will Shortz

Eight common phrases with the last two letters transposed to form a new phrase, clued somewhat appropriately, constitutes the main feature of this amiable Sunday crossword:

I CANNOT TELL A LEI (23A. “Those wreaths all look the same to me!”?)
YOU’VE GOT MALI (39A. Start of an oral listing of African nations, perhaps?)
RAISING THE BRA (53A. Showing less cleavage?)
A QUARTER TO TOW (84A. Cheap roadside assistance?)
ILLEGAL A-LINE (99A. Knockoff dress labeled “Armani” say?)
ANNIE GET YOUR GNU (116A. Caution to an orphan girl out to leave her wildebeest behind?)
SCAREDY CAST (3D. Group of actors who all have stage fright?)
OBTUSE ANGEL (70D. Lovely but stupid person?)

Other — AISLE SEAT (59A. Many a critic’s preference), ANGIE (43D. She’s asked “When will those clouds all disappear?“ in a 1973 #1 hit), DOODLED (124A. Did some edgy writing?), DOTARD (36A. Senile sort), DUDE RANCH (17D. Western vacation spot), ED MEESE (121A. “With Reagan” memoirist), HOT ITEM (56D. Product that’s hard to keep in stock), ICE PALACE (18D. Winter carnival attraction), I REMEMBER (78A. “There was the time …”), MAPLE TREE (82D. “Whirlybird” source), PASS GO (74D. Reach the Mediterranean, say?), Silents star THEDA Bara, TRIREME (16D. Ancient galley), WENT SOLO (4D. Emulated Diana Ross [1970] and Justin Timberlake [2002]).


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