01.16.15 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, January 16, 2015

Puzzle by Michael Wiesenberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. ?!, INTERROBANG; 12. Alsatian article, LES; 15. Exit line, SEE YOU LATER; 16. AGA Khan; 17. Good source of beta carotene, SWEET POTATO; 18. Samoan staple, POI; 19. Regulation followers, briefly, OTS; 20. Weight without a load, TARE; 21. Recipe instruction, STIR IN; 23. Blood problem, maybe, FEUD; 24. Obesity superlative, FATTEST; 25. Like tarantella dancers, AWHIRL; 28. Single players, SOLOISTS; 29. Alternatives to buttons, DIALS; 30. Much Scandinavian, PINES; 31. Western leader?, MID; 32. One of the Brontës, ANNE; 33. Drops abruptly, JILTS; 34. About 4.2 millimeters, in printing, PICA; 35. Doc’s suggestion, MED; 36. Pair of elephants?, TUSKS; 37. Occasion for much cheering in ‘45, VE-DAY; 38. Hails, ACCLAIMS; 40. Symbols with supposed magic power, SIGILS; 41. Brand in the grooming aisle, NORELCO; 42. Volatile masses, MOBS; 43. Not beyond one, DOABLE; 44. Beautician, at times, DYER; 45. Wear down, SAP; 46. Capricious, magical figurer, ELF; 49. How many practice religion, OBSERVANTLY; 52. One testing woofers?, VET; 53. It may be found in preserves, NATURE TRAIL; 54. Where many arrests take place, for short, ERS; 55. Hemoglobin carrier, ERYTHROCYTE.

Down — 1. Childish comeback, IS SO: 2. See 4-Down, NEWT: 3. Tour mementos, TEES; 4. Brew ingredient from a 2-Down, EYE; 5. Heels, ROTTERS; 6. Male reality show host in heels, RU PAUL; 7. Words said with the hands pressed together, O LORD; 8. Restrain, as one’s breath, BATE; 9. One-time separator, AT A; 10. Major figure in retail, NET SALES; 11. Picturesque subterranean spaces, GROTTOS; 12. Time for Debussy’s “faune”, L’ APRES MDI; 13. Repeating I?, EGOISTICAL; 14. February 14 and March 17, SAINTS DAYS; 22. “Is IT I?” (question in Matthew and Mark); 23. Take the edge off, FILE; 24. Type types, FONTS; 25. Earliest figures?, ADAM AND EVE; 26. Alcopop alternative, WINE COOLER; 27. Embroiders, e.g., HAND CRAFTS; 28. Derby duds, SILKS; 30. PISMO Beach, Calif.; 33. Place to get a healthful drink, JUICE BAR; 34. Violin quartet, PEGS; 36. Highball, e.g., TALL ONE; 37. Violin effect, VIBRATO; 39. Sidon’s setting: Abbr., LEB; 40. To any extent, poetically, SO EVER; 42. Gift in a Nativity scene, MYRRH; 44. Book after Num., DEUT; 45. Something booked on Travelocity, STAY; 46. Got off, ALIT; 47. Journalist who wrote the 1943 book “Here Is Your War”, PYLE; 50. Many a bachelor pad, STY; 51. Reactor overseer: Abbr., NRC.

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Alas, Alsatian is a dying dialect.